Thursday, September 25, 2008

Frames and Arrows

Hi there,

Two wonderful students, Savannah and John, helped me make these two videos last week. (One above and one below. The video below is easier to hear.) As you can tell they love recording their thinking. The video illustrates how to teach a frames and arrows lesson on the smartboard. We use an infinite cloning arrow to see the pattern on a numberline. So far we have made two files like this (Grade 2 Lesson 2.10 and Grade 3 Lesson 1.12).

As you will see in the video students pull down the arrows (that have been proportioned to a numberline) to see the pattern. Next they "frame" the numbers on the numberline. Next, they make the rest of the numbers disappear leaving the same pattern as the original question. The last step is to write the answers in the problem.

In the past this was a difficult concept to teach. The smartboard helps alot!

Enjoy! Linda

Friday, September 12, 2008

Necap Practice, Feedback, Scaffolding


The new school year has begun so it is time to start blogging again!

The video below shows how you can use the smartboard for NECAP (state testing) practice.
If you are in the CSD, you can find Melissa's file in the K-8 smartboard, language arts folder.

Melissa uses the magic magnifier feature to give student's feedback. This allows students to use this file independently or for teachers to use it whole group.

The second feature on this file is how it is differentiated. A reminder of the correct grammar rule (that is off the page) comes on screen when some of the incorrect answers are moved into the sentence.