Sunday, February 10, 2008

Getting Started with Smartboards

Hello. I am a math specialist in a large school district. In the last two years we have started to use smartboards to improve our math instruction. The teachers in my district are amazing and I wanted to have a place where we can all learn and share what we are doing.

There is a "new crop" of users this month and I thought I would start with some of the basics for my first blog.

1. How do I get the smartboard software on my computer at home?
This one is simple. You can download it for free at

2. How can I get started? Pick an option below and start learning. :)

1. If you like learning by doing...
- open up the notebook software and start clicking on icons to see what they do.
- if you work in the CSD, then open up some files that other teachers have created. (See picture above- go to a grade level folder and look for the smartboard icon.)

2. If you learn by video go to the smartboard tutorial site.

3. Keep reading the blog and I will be posting some more here.

Thanks, Linda

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