Saturday, March 22, 2008

Where did you get that Flash File?

Ever since I downloaded Smart's Essentials for Educator's Gallery and got a few good flash files for the smartboard I have been on the look out for more. To me the power of the smartboard is how interactive it can be with students. So I set out to search for more. For many months I would use a Google search with the words flash or .swf, usually not with much luck. Finally I realized that you can do an ADVANCED SEARCH in google and search for ONLY flash files. When you are in google look for little blue words that say advanced search. Using this method I got the two great fraction flash files, a better calculators to use within smartboard, and a few other good files.

In your comments some of you asked me where I got those fraction files. Above is how I did it, but I tried again today to find the same site and I could not. I did, however, put the two best fraction flash files on my CSD fraction page and you should be able to download them from there. (Run the file, then right click to save on a PC.) I love those two files and thank you to whoever made them, sorry I can not give you credit.

CSD math page ( see link on the right)
CSD fraction math page (under construction right now) but has the two flash files added :)

If any of you have good flash files to share please let us know. I will try to "refind" where some of mine came from or at least post them to my site in the next few weeks.

Happy Spring (Easter) Weekend to all of you. It is at least sunny in NH (but cold with lots of snow on the ground still.)


Margarita said...
This is the http for fractions.

Anonymous said...

Here is the file in case anyone needs it: