Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I was just reading an article about math misconceptions.

From Teachers: January 2006 Issue 42 [UK]

One misconception is about area and perimeter. This is what the article said:

Perimeter and area confuse many kids!
A common mistake, when measuring the perimeter of a rectangle, is to count the squares surrounding the shape, in the same way as counting those inside for area. Now you can see why some would give the perimeter of a two-by-three rectangle as 14 units rather than 10.

How can a smartboard clear up misconceptions about area and perimeter? Well using the infinite cloner and grouping feature the smartboard can make the concepts very visual. Watch "Paul's Podcast" where he explains his thinking about area. Next week we will make a video about how the smartboard can be used to teach perimeter.

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