Thursday, May 22, 2008

Self Assessment

Self assessment is a key component in making students aware of what they will be accountable for on their unit assessment. Just as it is important within a lesson to identify goals, to give students purpose and understanding; it is also important to clearly show students what will be expected of them prior to an assessment.

I have used the Smartboard and the Everyday math self assessment to turn this into a whole group activity. Students are able to identify the skill, see an example of the skill, and decide their level of mastery in that skill.

In using the Smartboard, my goal is to incorporate more opportunities for students to see visual representations of the skill that they are being held accountable for. Students who feel that they have reached the level where they can explain it to others, are invited to come up and teach the class the skill using visuals that are provided, or visuals that they choose to create with the gallery.

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