Thursday, July 10, 2008

Teaching Multiplication Number Sense


I have had the honor of working with the most amazing teachers this summer! Back in June teachers at the curriculum institute improved many of the lessons we had started during the year, and many who have never even touched a smartboard jumped in with both feet and did a terrific job. This week at the tech integration institute we tried to connect many of the district initiatives (Smartboard, Everyday Math, Cooperative Learning, and Responsive Classroom).

On Tuesday one of our students was playing the multiplication version of the online game Sum Sense. Several times her answers to the nine facts were very unreasonable. On Wednesday I taught a small group mini lesson with the big idea: When you multiply by nine the product should be a little less than when you multiply the same number by ten. I am happy to say the students seem to get the idea by the time we were done.

Three teachers, Kristen, Mary and SueAnn learned how to make smartboard movies at teh institute and practiced by making this movie of the lesson they watched on Tuesdsay afternoon.

Take care, Linda

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