Monday, July 14, 2008

Numbered Heads Together


This is my first attempt at using video from the video camera. Bear with me until I get better at this. At last weeks workshop we discussed how to keep all our students engaged. One way to do that - smartboard or not - is to use Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures. (To learn more get yourself to a Kagan workshop, if you work for CSD tell Dorinda you want a Kagan workshop.) We have also made a template for the gallery... look in the teacher's resources folder.

This video show us learning Numbered Heads Together. The smartboard version uses the interactive dice to choose the student. Another use of the smartboard would be to have the student defend their answer with a visual or graph.

Notice the teachers sit back after the discussion. This is a sign that all members in the group know the answer (and explanation) and are ready to be called on.

This structure is powerful because:
a. it engages all students
b. it holds all students accountable for the answer to the question
c. is a random way to choose a student to answer a question (or come to the smartboard)

Enjoy, L

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kramer03 said...

What a great quick example of how Numbered Heads Together is supposed to work.
Thanks for sharing.